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Whether you take a fishing trip or enjoy a scenic cruise down the Yarra, Boat 4 Hire is right here to let you share a great experience with friends and good company.

Speed boats are available all year round, for half or full days and weekends or a full week. Our half day rates make our prices more competitive than ever. There are also no ramp waiting times of two hours in and out during peak times with our in-the-water service.

When winds are above 10knots, we can safely continue operating made possible by our appropriate position in the harbour and river, different from other hire companies that are exposed in rougher waters by the bay.

Non-licensed drivers can now fish in Hobsons Bay and Williamstown. Book in the morning from 8:30am or in the afternoon from 1:00pm.

Office Address

84 New Quay Promenade
Docklands VIC 3008


Call +61386091470


8:30am to 5:30pm

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Terms and Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS 3. Bond: For security purposes only a credit card can be used to provide a Bond. The Hirer (as defined in paragraph 11 of the Particulars) must produce his, her or their valid credit card(s) and must be present and sign for the Bond upon collection of the boat. Each such person constituting the Hirer is jointly and separately liable for any damage to the Hire Equipment. The Bond is fully refundable when the Hire Equipment is returned to the Drop off address (specified in paragraph 8 of the Particulars) on time, with the boat fuel tanks full of fuel and all other terms of the Agreement fully complied with. If there is any damage to the Hire Equipment on its return or if there have been any other breaches of this Agreement on the part of the Hirer the Bond will be used to cover the costs of such damage and/or breach up to the amount of liability under the Bond specified in this paragraph 3 of the Particulars. If the amount of liability under the Bond is insufficient to cover the combined total of such damage and liability then the balance will be charged. Liability under the Bond capped at: $250 for Polycraft Challenger and $500 for Polycraft Bowrider. 4.Condition of Boat To the best of the Owner’s knowledge and belief the boat is in a sound and safe condition free of any known defects or faults that would affect its safe operation under normal use and weather conditions. 5.Qualifications 5.1 The Hirer acknowledge that he/she is the holder of a current, non-endorsed, non-suspended licence to navigate the hired class of Boat. 5.2 The Hirer acknowledges that during the hiring the Boat will be navigated by the Hirer and by no other person. 5.3 Must be atleast 18 years old. 6.Term of Hire: The Owner agrees to hire the Hire Equipment to the Hirer for the Term being: 6.1 Starting Date: as booked on the website 6.2 Ending Date: as booked on the website 7.Pick up Address: 84 New Quay Promenade Docklands, VIC 3008 8.Drop off Address: 84 New Quay Promenade Docklands, VIC 3008 9.Hire Fee 9.1 The Hire Fee for this hiring is $: as stated on the site 9.2 If the Boat is not returned t the Drop Off Address on or before the ending date and time (specified in paragraph 6.2 of the Particulars) the Hirer agrees to pay an overtime rate of $99 per hour from the Ending Time until the time the Boat is returned to the Drop Off Address. 9.3 If for any other reason specified in sub-clause 10.4 of the Hiring Terms and Section of this Agreement, further charges are payable the Hirer agrees to pay the same. 9.4 All fuel used must be paid for by the Hirer and the fuel tank of the Boat restored to the level at the Starting Date before return to the Drop off address. 10.Collision Damage/Loss Liability Charge The Collision Damage/Loss Liability Charge referred to in clause 7.1 of the Hiring Terms and Conditions as stated above. 11.Area of Use: On water and on land, specified in the Briefing Sheets which the Owner will deliver to the Hirer. 12. Cancellations Boat4hire do not offer refund on cancellations may it be weather related or customer initiated and can only defer the cancelled booking on a later date. 13.Definitions in this Agreement: “Agreement” means the Boat Hiring Agreement including the Particulars and the Hiring Terms and Conditions Sections; “Boat” means this Boat specified in paragraph 2 of the Particulars and all its accessories, tools and equipment; “Hire Equipment” means the Boat and the Towing Equipment; “Hirer” means every person who enters into this Agreement as the Hirer; “Hiring Terms and Conditions” means the Hiring Terms and Conditions Section of this Agreement; “Operations and Safety manual” means the manual included in the Equipment of the Boat; “Particulars” means the Hiring Particulars Section of this Agreement’ “Term” means the period commencing on the date and at the time specified in paragraph 6.1 of the Particulars; “Towing Equipment” means the boat trailer specified in paragraph 2 of the Particulars and the Operations and Safety Manual; “Towing Vehicle” means the motor vehicle used or intended to be used for the towing of the Towing Equipment. I/We the Hirer agree to hire the Hire Equipment specified in paragraph 2 of the Particulars for the Term specified in paragraph 6 of the Particulars at the Hire Fee of $(as stated on the website) upon the terms and conditions of this Boat Hiring Agreement compromising the Hiring Particulars Section and the Hiring Terms and Conditions Section.

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